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Big Data and Real-Time Analytics in the Cloud

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What is Big Data and Real-Time Analytics in the Cloud?

Many organisations have incredible value locked up in their data. If they process it effectively, they will drive down cost, drive up efficiency, and build better, more personalised customer experiences.

The business challenge with data is a technological one: application data is locked up behind legacy and brownfield systems and, even if we can successfully access and organise it, there isn’t enough process power to process it in a sophisticated way within reasonable time frames.

Big Data and Real Time Analytics in the Cloud helps you to make big data processing more tractable. By working in Amazon Web Services, we can bring the data into cloud native NoSQL datastores, and use various techniques for parallel processing, stream processing, data mining and analytics to get the most value out of your data.

How we help you

We provide strategy and engineering services on the full Amazon Web Services suite of platform products, including Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis and the rest of the AWS big data platform.

Our team have extensive experience designing, deploying and running large-scale data processing platforms for large enterprise brands.

Our big data services include:

  • Amazon Web Services data migration
  • Medium- and long-term data storage and retention
  • Event streaming and event stream processing
  • Parallel processing and MapReduce
  • Cultural change to agile, data-driven organisation

Our enterprise vision

Once an organisation’s data and processing pipelines are setup and established, there becomes a cultural, organisational and process challenge of helping the organisation respond to data insights and adjust their activities accordingly.

This move towards being a data-driven organisation is integrated into broader transformation to an agile organisation and operating model.

Our cultural transformation support services support this move to an agile, data-driven organisation.

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