DevOps And IT Transformation In Government & The Public Sector

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The Public Sector is currently at a critical inflection point, and must technology to secure competitive advantage and drive efficiency in their businesses.

Business Challenges:

  • The need to move faster and with more agility
  • Resource challenges and the need to do more with less
  • Difficulty in producing single view of the customer
  • Ever increasing regulation which impinges on ability to deliver and innovate with software

Technology Challenges:

  • Lack of automation and too many manual processes
  • Legacy technology and highly complex, interconnected technology stacks
  • The need to deliver better digital channel experiences over web and mobile
  • The need to adopt and migrate to cloud technology
  • Lack of standardisation and use of platforms
  • Information security

Our Work In The Public Sector:

Contino work with enterprise clients in the Public Sector to help them modernise and transform their technology delivery engines. We help our clients meet the challenge of needing to innovate against a complex, interconnected, legacy technology backdrop.

Example Projects:

  • Moving to cross functional teams operating in a lean and agile way under a DevOps model
  • Introducing additional automation into software development pipelines
  • Breaking monolithic applications into smaller services to support faster iteration
  • Application development and modernisation of legacy and brownfield applications
  • DevOps Maturity Assessment and strategy at scale

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