DevOps And IT Transformation In The Retail Industry

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The retail industry is currently at a critical inflection point, and must leverage technology to secure competitive advantage and drive efficiency in their businesses.

Business Challenges:

  • Threat from eCommerce for brick and mortar stores
  • Margin pressure
  • Human resources issues
  • Supply chain management

Technology Challenges:

  • Using data and analytics to produce better customer experiences and more efficient operations
  • Needing to move away from legacy monolithic applications hosted in big application server platforms such as Weblogic and Websphere
  • Delivering joined up omni-channel and multi-channel joined up digital experiences
  • Delivering compelling mobile shopping experiences
  • Modernising back office systems for supply chain and ERP

Our Work In The Retail Industry:

Contino work with enterprise clients in the retail industry to help them modernise and transform their technology delivery engines. We help our clients meet the challenge of needing to innovate against a complex, interconnected, legacy technology backdrop.

Example Projects:

  • Cloud migration and adoption
  • Migrating away from monolithic applications
  • Application development and modernisation
  • Continuous delivery of mobile applications

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