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What is Enterprise DevOps and Continuous Delivery?

A major business challenge is the risk of software development and IT operations teams falling into silos, with different ways of working, tools, approaches and incentives pushing them in contradictory directions. This holds organisations back, leading to enormous missed efficiencies and a reduced ability to compete in the market.

Our Enterprise DevOps and Continuous Delivery transformation service aims to repair these rifts in order to accelerate innovation and maximise competitiveness in a world where speed, agility and reduced time-to-market are paramount.

How we help you

Adopting DevOps in enterprise organisations is a broad and challenging proposition. Enterprises often have many people to bring with them on the journey, significant incumbent technology, long-established working practices and approaches and a high value of business flowing through their systems.

We provide enterprises with the tools to go faster whilst retaining a rigorous, professional approach to IT:

  • Changing organisational structures
  • Making processes leaner and more efficient
  • Adopting technical approaches such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Adopting and scaling infrastructure automation and cloud platforms

Our enterprise vision

DevOps found its origins within the start-up world and born-on-the-web online companies such as Facebook, Google and Netflix. The benefits have now made their way onto the radar of many enterprise CIOs who are asking what DevOps means for their organisation and how they can get started on the journey towards better, more collaborative software delivery.

Our DevOps consultants will help enterprises to deliver faster, reduce delivery cycle times and increase agility, ultimately resulting in better software, greater market differentiation and enhanced business competitiveness. All whilst maintaining high quality and maintaining a professional, rigorous approach to IT.

Spark innovation

The faster, agile working practices implied in a DevOps approach are a key component of business innovation.

Most enterprise organisations are structured in a certain way in terms of job roles, reporting lines and responsibilities. Around this, established working processes will be in place that may have served the business well for a number of years.

Changing these requires work and needs to be managed carefully, it’s both a cultural and technical change – training teams, and then working according to the new processes all whilst not impacting the existing customer experience.

Inspire wide-ranging change

Stability in enterprises has traditionally most easily been achieved by restricting change, which puts development and operations teams into a subtle tug-of-war and restricts innovation.

DevOps isn’t just about technology and automation. To realise its full potential requires a change to culture, incentives, working processes and possibly functional and operating models. All of this can be challenging to most organisations but with enterprises can be magnified if not handled correctly.

Changing processes, technology and systems that have been in place for years, and sometimes decades requires a collaborative approach to ensure that there is buy in from all team members at each stage.

Tool agnostic

We are agnostic with the tools we use, we use the best tool in order to achieve the task in hand. We are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) APN Advanced Consulting Partner and also Docker Premier Consulting and Training Partner.

We have created alliances with a number of technology vendors, you can find more information on our toolbox page.

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