Our key technology partners

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We are agnostic in terms of the technology stack we adopt to ensure that we are using the right set of solutions to solve the challenges our clients face. We never take one-size-fits-all approach.

We do, however, partner with a selection of industry-recognised, best-of-breed vendors in which we have developed expertise with which we have developed strong relationships for the benefit of our clients.

Amazon Web Services

We are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) APN Advanced Consulting Partner.

This accreditation recognises the skills, knowledge and experience our team has in AWS cloud services. We have helped organisations of all sizes to design, architect, build, migrate and deploy infrastructure on AWS. We work with some of the world’s largest enterprise organisations across financial services, retail and telecoms to name a few sectors, to facilitate the adoption of DevOps, cloud, and container technologies. Our collaboration with AWS has been key to ensuring that our clients focus on their industry-specific core competencies, while taking advantage of the hyper-scale, security, and compute utility of the AWS Cloud.


We are a Docker Premier Consulting and Training Partner. We were one of the first companies in Europe to bring Docker to enterprise organisations.

This accreditation recognises the skills, knowledge and experience our team has in Docker technology. We have one of the most highly qualified Docker teams in Europe, our co-founder Benjamin Wootton is also Docker Captain. We focus on helping enterprise organisations implement Docker Containers and the Docker Datacenter, both from a technical perspective, but also integrating Docker and containerisation into their workflows and governance. We also run training courses on behalf of Docker in London and New York. We are key sponsors of both Docker London and New York Meetups.

Other relationships

We have also created alliances with a number of other technology vendors, you can find more information on our toolbox page.