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Microservices and Architectural Evolution


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What are microservices?

Microservices are a type of software architecture that involves developing software applications or platforms that can be independently designed, developed, tested and deployed.

When organisations move to a microservice architecture, they are moving to a more efficient way of working where they can make small changes and deploy these easily without having to deploy entire applications or set of services each time.


How we help you

We have helped many global enterprise organisations with their microservice projects. Specific projects we have delivered include:

  • Advising software development vendors on how to package their microservice based applications for deployment into their end clients environments
  • Advising a number of retail clients on how to architect for cloud-native web services
  • Coaching development teams on how to build effective microservices

Our enterprise vision

Microservices are a great fit for organisations who have applications that require change very frequently. Independent elements of the application can be changed in isolation outside of traditional release cycles.

This allows organisations to focus on changes in specific areas of the system independently of others. It also allows them to break away from the long release cycles often found in enterprise IT and move to a more agile, iterative and innovative delivery model that, ultimately, results in better software and enhanced competitiveness.

Ensure the right tool for the job

Due to the isolation and independence of the microservices, individual services can be polyglot in terms of programming language, ensuring that you have the right tool for the job.

Drive quality and stability

Because of the focus and high degree of automation in a microservices platform, bugs should be isolated to one area of the system so user experience remains unaffected.

Reduced time to market

With microservice architecture, organisations should be able to deliver new functionality and iterate on the system faster than they would be able to on a more monolithic architecture. Time to market and time to value are reduced.

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