Introducing Contino: a global enterprise DevOps and cloud transformation consultancy

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Contino are a global enterprise DevOps and cloud transformation consultancy.

We help large enterprise organisations transform their software and technology delivery by helping them with strategic projects and modernisation initiatives, whilst also upskilling their workforce to support the creation of a more vibrant engineering culture within their organisation.

The four pillars of our work help organisations to:

  • Transform how they work with enterprise DevOps and Continuous Delivery
  • Transform their infrastructure with cloud
  • Transform their application delivery with containers
  • Transform their enterprise architecture with microservices

Together, this combination of services allows organisations to modernise their working practices, applications and infrastructure and move towards a much leaner and more agile model.

Expertise in transformation

Through our global engagements with enterprise clients, we have developed extensive IP in how to transform from waterfall or agile to a DevOps operating model, and adopt the associated technology stacks, such as public cloud and containerisation.

We believe that, working in partnership with our clients, we have supported more genuine DevOps transformation work than any other organisation in the industry.

Our dual delivery and upskilling approach

We always work with a dual delivery and upskilling approach. This means that as well as helping customers deliver on their strategic projects, we focus on transferring the necessary skills to their staff and building capability for DevOps throughout the initiative.

Traditional IT consultancies have focused on building capability and ‘doing work on behalf of the customer’. In today’s technology-driven world, we believe that organisations need to build their own capabilities. and operate more like leading digital technology companies, regardless of their industry.

Our global team are experienced with DevOps toolsets and ways of working, they coach teams and engineers and support a move towards a more vibrant, technology-driven engineering culture.

Our scale

Backed by a $30m USD venture capital investment from Columbia Capital, we have the scale to support global projects and large enterprise transformation programs.

With offices in London and New York, and clients across the globe, we can scale rapidly to support diverse client requirements. Our aim is to be more flexible, agile and cost-effective than large consultancies and systems integrators, whilst having more scale and enterprise awareness than niche professional services providers.

What next?

If you work for an organisation that is looking to deliver technology faster, more cost-effectively and with more agility, please follow one of the links below, or request a free consultation using the form at the bottom of the page.

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