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What is Cloud Native Application Development?

The cloud is clearly a transformational platform for software and technology delivery, but to fully to take advantage of it, we need to modernise and architect our applications to take advantage of the scalability and elasticity features it offers.

Cloud Native Application Development is an software architecture approach that uses 12 factor principles to ensure it is easy to change, scale and run under a Continuous Delivery model.

Delivery of high quality, high agility applications

We help our clients design, build, deploy and run cloud native application platforms, which drive real business value and competitive advantage.

Our Cloud Native Application Development services include:

  • Development of greenfield cloud native applications built on containers and microservices
  • Architectural reviews and design
  • Migration from legacy applications to cloud native architectures

In order to help our customers deliver cloud native applications, we also help our clients adopt modern DevOps best practices – introducing high degrees of automation on the path to production, microservice architecture, and leveraging container technology, such as Docker.

Our enterprise vision

Cloud native applications are typically constructed as microservices, which are easier to change and iterate on in order to build better digital experiences for customers.

Cloud native applications are also inherently more robust and scalable, and can be used to develop systems which perform with low latency under high and variable degrees of load.

Finally, cloud native applications are of course delivered in the cloud, where we can fully automate and software define more of the stack to in combined infrastructure and application pipelines.

With these changes are in place, the ROI of applications is multiplied as the organisation can iterate and innovate to a much greater degree.

Dual delivery and upskilling approach

We can and have taken primary responsibility for delivering cloud native applications, however, we like to work in partnership with our clients as a combined team.

This co-delivery model enables us to help deliver on your strategic projects whilst upskilling and coaching your teams on these practices.

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