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DevSecOps: application and cloud security


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What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is about introducing security into the software delivery pipeline.

In today’s digital world, companies and their technology organisations are faced with needing to move faster and with more agility in their technology and software delivery.

However, in doing so, it is essential that security and controls are not compromised, as the reputational and regulatory consequences can be catastrophic in case of security breaches.

In short, enterprise organisations need to move forward with speed, but whilst ensuring safety.

How we help you

We help to equip enterprise technical staff with the skills and resources they need to securely accelerate the software delivery pipeline.

Our DevSecOps services include:

  • Improving application security at source
  • Introducing security and controls into the software deployment pipelines
  • Building secure infrastructure, with a particular focus on public cloud platforms and Amazon Web Services

Our enterprise vision

The first step in achieving secure technology platforms lies in improving practices at source within application code and middleware. This includes secure coding practices and building software and architectures which are secure by default.

It’s also possible to integrate security into the deployment pipeline, adding additional scans and checks into deployment pipelines and testing processes to ensure that security issues are never released into the wild.

This kind of automation into the deployment pathway is at the heart of the DevSecOps movement.

Additional security with application containers

Application container technology such as Docker can add additional security features into application platforms.

These include additional controls and isolation between processes and the underlying machine, and features for ensuring the integrity of code and guarantees about the originator of code and binary assets.


Public cloud security

Public cloud is the infrastructure choice today for digitally transforming organisations, allowing organisations to change their infrastructure with speed and flexibility.

However, properly securing public cloud platforms requires specialist skills in the cloud platform of choice, using software features such as security groups, software defined virtual private networks, and data encryption features to deliver a secure platform.

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